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Last and Final Settlement Scheme - 2022

Scheme Introduction

When certain number of allottees settle their dues under the One Time Settlement Scheme ( Likewise, allottees also claim the benefits under the Full and Final Settlement Scheme ( However, there exists number of allottees on PPM that do not clear their dues and they drag HSVP in litigation on some ground or the other without clearing their outstanding amount Therefore another scheme was proposed to be floated by HSVP namely "Last and Final Settlement Scheme ( wherein the amount of additional price (shall be payable by the allottees as per the calculation got finalized by Zonal level Committee and as per terms and conditions of the scheme.

Scheme Aims and Objectives

  • To safeguard the interest of allottees and to settle their long pending disputes relating to payment of additional price enhancement) by applying the principles of Instruction no. 63.
  • To achieve the objective of overall public interest and reducing litigations and Rationalization of calculation of additional price.
  • To ease the process of recovery and encourage the allottees to readily pay pending dues on account of additional price. To utilize the funds so generated for expeditious development of HSVP Urban Estates.
  • The Last and Final Settlement Scheme shall be open for the specified period from the date of its launch and benefit of the scheme will be given only to those allottees who are presently defaulters in the payment of additional price. The scheme shall not be available to the allottees who have already availed the benefits of the OTSS, FFSS, LFSS-2021 and the allottees who have deposited the full amount of additional price (till the launch of the scheme. The scheme shall be available to the allottees of residential plots, Group Housing Sites, Institutional Plots and Industrial Plots.
CM Haryana


I warmly compliment the entire team of the Haryana Shehri Vikas Pradhikaran for initiating the “Last and Final Settlement” Scheme-2022 counter the challenges faced by the public and the Department. This scheme shall not only keep the allottees of residential plots, Group Housing Sites, Industrial Plots and Institutional Plots informed about the settlement process, but also keep them engaged with the Department, with the help of technical and Information Technology assistance. I encourage the allottees to actively get involved in the process, so that their outstanding amount can be cleared through the Scheme and enjoy the benefits with ease. I extend my best wishes to all.